Toward the Publication of Pan-Pacific Management Science

The Pan-Pacific Society of Management Science (PPSM) was established so academics and practitioners throughout the Pan Pacific Region (and the rest of the world) can engage in debate and collaboration aimed at enhancing corporate governance and through this the wellbeing of people in broader social systems. With such a charter, the PPSM accepts input from a broad spectrum of disciplines that include, but not limited to, business administration, accounting studies, marketing, economics, political science, organization behaviour, leadership, management, and Business and Society.

In order to explore corporate and social well-being, the PPSM encourages discussion and research on how to create social systems, within and around organizations, that balance efficiency with innovation, sustainability, ethics and equity. The society will publish peer reviewed articles reflecting these debates and research in a journal format.

Social systems throughout the world are still struggling with the tensions and imbalances created by the so-called epoch shift from modernity to liquid modernity. Now, the world faces an emerging acceleration in technologic advancement that is so great it is being referred to as the fourth industrial revolution. Technologies in the fields of artificial intelligence, datamining, medicine and health sciences are set to change life as we know it.

One of the biggest challenges through the second half of the 20th century was an inability for social, economic and political systems to develop governance policies at the speed required to address the implications of advancing technologies and social change. Considering the proposed acceleration in the rate and nature of change associated with the emerging fourth industrial revolution what strategies, policies and process will corporate and government leaders employ to prevent the management scandals that have tainted the corporate world, especially throughout the last three decades. How will leaders as well as policy makers deal with the inevitability of competing ideals and interests that influence perceptions on how these advanced technologies “ought’ to be used and controlled. How will corporations deal with the ethical investment and use of such technologies and how will the current debates around ethics, equity and sustainability shape the field of leadership, management and governance of organizations.

The PPSM has published the journal “Pan-Pacific Management Science (PPMS). The PPMS encourages academics and practitioners to join its society and debate these and other questions that will emerge as the implications of the fourth industrial revolution manifest themselves on a world scale. The PPMS wishes to address these issues within a global context and an emphasis on facilitating innovation along with equity and sustainability. A call for manuscripts will occur on a annual basis. 

October 2018

Founder representative of the society for Pan-Pacific Society of Management Science.

Professor Raymond D.GORDON
Vice Chancellor and President
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